How to use Valtonet Online Wi-Fi Hotspot

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Q: What do I need to connect to your network?
A: You only need a device with Wi-Fi/WLAN

Q:  How do I know if Im in a coverage area?
A:  You need to turn on your Wi-Fi/WLAN on your decive and scan for available networks, If you see a network called Valtonet Online it means you are in our coverage area.

Q:  I have a network called Valtonet Online, what's the next step?
A:  Yes, you are ready to go, Step 1, click on it to connect, Step 2, Once connected open a any broswer on your device "google chrome, mozila firefox, apple safari, opera, internet explorer e.t.c then type any URL e.g or, Step 3, After typing any URL you will be directed to a page Valtonet Hotspot Login where you see a portion to put in your username and password, Step 4, If you have a username and password just simply login then start working.

Q:  I have seen a login page and I dont have username and password, what do I do?
A:  First we advice you to use our free trial, the link is just above where you put in username and password. Just click on it and you get connected instantly, After you are happy with the trial you can then Register here then buy a package of your choice from our Shopping Cart
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